When I first arrived in Kansas City, I was desperately homesick. Leaving my home and family in Pennsylvania was a little more difficult on my heart than I believed it would be. I missed the family dinners, the wine and appetizers under the grape arbor, the laughter and the closeness of my family.

How could I turn my homesickness memories into something that could last a lifetime? My brother and I grew up learning about food, appreciating food and that dinner was more of an event than just another meal. As I was thinking about the good food and memories, it hit me that I needed to collect all of those recipes from my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins before it was too late. I would collect them and then share them with my brother's families so that they keep that piece of history and perhaps share the food and memories with their children.

As you might have guessed, I learned to cook and loved it. My family taught me that preparing food meant so much more than being just "one more thing to do". As I witnessed and learned, sitting down with family and friends to a meal prepared with loving hands and a generous heart not only creates memories but also provides the opportunity for conversation, sharing and strengthening bonds.

And, so, I have taken these two very happy areas of my life and combined them in this book of real estate buying and selling tips along with delicious family recipes, with the hope that they will enrich your life in your quest for a home that cooks.

Happy Cooking,