Italian Pork Stew with Polenta

I'd like to thank a faithful Monday morning Homes That Cook blog follower of ours, Kaitlyn, for sending in these amazing photos of the Italian Pork Stew from the Homes That Cook book. This was Kaitlyn's first time making this dish and I'll tell you, it looks like she did an amazing job. 

I can almost smell the deliciousness in her photos as I recall being so delighted when my grandmother and my aunts made polenta with pork stew for Sunday dinner.  Wonderful memories of growing up and sharing many delicious meals around my grandparents very large dining room table.  Salute!

Who will you be sharing a meal with this week?  What will you make?  We'd love to hear your stories.  If you'd like to share a story, recipe or an experience, please send it in an email to

Dice the pork into similar small to medium bite size cubes

Brown the pork in a stock pot with sauteed onions

Almost there...... yum!

tart your polenta when you are close to dinner time

Kaitlyn's Homes That Cook book, far left, looks very handsome in that iron book stand

Lovely presentation.  Thank you for sharing, Kaitlyn!

This recipe is available on page 114-115 of my book entitled Homes That Cook. Available on or visit for more information.