Kick Ass


It's that time of year.  Itchy watery eyes, itchy nose, tickle in the throat, "Am I getting sick?!", we ask ourselves.  For years now, when I start feeling this way - at any time of the year -, I turn to the product 'Kick Ass'.  My son, Nick, used to tell me that I just like saying the name.  Well, I do. 

I purchase my Kick Ass at Whole Foods - in the herbal section.  Yes, it's a concoction of not so tasty herbs, although, the taste does not bother me.  I take Kick Ass Immune at the first sign of any possible cold coming on.  3-4 eye droppers of Kick Ass Immune in a small bit of water, then toss it back - like a shot.  They now make this product in a pumper and with that I simply put 2-4 pumps under my tongue without water.

I can't begin to tell you how many colds that I have thwarted over the past 8 years.  Honestly, almost all of them.  They now have Kick Ass 'Biotic' which is used if your cold is already in progress.  The key is to catch the feelings/symptoms of a cold coming on and then quickly take the Kick Ass Immune.  I have used the 'Biotic' just once.  They also make a Kick Ass Sinus. 

You see I'm ready for winter with the extra large bottle on the left.  Next to that bottle is the immune 'pumper' that I now keep in my purse so I can take it at the first sign of a possible cold.  I did purchase the 'sinus' and 'biotic' to try at some point, if necessary.

Have any of you used this product?  We'd love to hear your story about it!

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