It's December

What a busy time of the year.  It's also time to savor, sip and socialize.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful December.  I am so grateful for my many blessings. 

Here is a short list of to-do's to get ready for the coming weather.  Being prepared = less stress. 

  • disconnect hoses from exterior hose bibs
  • winterize sprinkler system
  • put ice scrapers in all of your vehicles
  • buy a bag or two of ice/snow melt to have on hand
  • bring snow shovels to the garage, if they aren't already there
  • pull out winter mittens, gloves and hats, so they are readily accessible
  • throw out the expired and purchase some new hot chocolate mix and marshmallows
  • if you're traveling this winter, ask a neighbor in advance to drive in and out of your driveway when it snows so that it appears that cars have gone in and out of the house/garage (snow tracks).  No snow tracks is a dead give away that the house is vacant. Better yet, ask a neighborhood kid to shovel the driveway while you are away
  • if you intend on using your wood burning fireplace, perhaps it's time to have it cleaned and/or inspected. Safety first.
  • drafty doors and window?  New weather stripping might be in order 
  • like to bake in the wintertime? Stock up on flour, sugar and chocolate chips.  Great fun with the kids on a cold snow day
  • drink wine, eat good food, play games and have fun, too!