Investment Property Part 2

Two weeks until closing…..

In the interim of the last month, my husband has proposed a ‘kitchen remodel’ idea to me and a plan that I really like. I, after a few estate sales and a few Craigslist purchases, have got this house just about furnished.  We actually drove an hour and a half to pick up a beautiful sleigh bed that I found for this ‘not yet ours’ house on Craigslist. While driving home I thought, are we nuts? What are we doing? All of the sudden we realized we were putting the cart before the horse by purchasing furniture for a home that we are likely not going to live in and sketching out remodeling plans for a home we didn’t intend on remodeling. Well, at least we had a lovely lunch together outside at a bistro in a town we didn’t often visit.  Right?

The next decision we made was to make this home available as a furnished short term rental property.  Perfect. We’ll give it a try. Now I felt good about my plans to furnish it and Jack can continue his remodel ideas.  You know, we can justify just about anything and I think we just did.  After all, the house isn’t even ours yet.  Jack is pretty practical and level headed yet he is onboard with this fun endeavor, I told myself.  I just double justified.