Investment Property Part #4


I decided to put an ad online showcasing our home as a “Short Term Furnished Rental”.  Available December 1st, I wrote.  Although we had not interior photos to post, I thought I’d test the market to see who was out there in need of a monthly furnished rental.  Well, a day later, there it was.  Our first response to the online ad, a young man was being transferred to Kansas City and was in need of temporary housing until he found the right home to purchase for he, his wife and 15 month old, who were still in Chicago at her parent’s house. ‘Can you meet me there tonight?’, the email asked.  Sure, I told him.  So, my husband and I met him there at 5pm and it was almost dark. Not only dark but we had to explain to him what work we intended to do in the house before December 1st.  What a nice young man.  He took pictures and said he would give us an answer in the next 5-7 days after he’d discussed it with his wife.  Jack and I drove home thinking we’d better hurry up so that we can have a tenant by December 1st.  

Getting Started…..

A quick trip to Lowe’s that week and within 15 minutes, we’d picked out the carpet and ordered the installation. At first, the salesman kept showing and suggesting their ‘house flipping/rental property’ carpet.  No way was I putting chintzy grade carpet in my ‘love nest’, I thought.  I was pleased with our final selection, let’s just say.   

Next, ‘the wood floors are too yellow’, my husband said.  The hardwood floors were in great shape and I thought we were trying to conserve money on this project when possible. My husband suggested we take up the vinyl flooring in the kitchen as there were hardwoods underneath.  Then refinish all of the hardwoods and stain them with a darker color.  He said it would give the house a ‘richer’ feel.  He was right.  The floors, a week later, looked great and it did add a warm ambiance (richer) feel to the house.  Things were moving right along.  Plus, we had two more inquiries from our online ad, even without any interior photos.  We felt good.