Investment Property Part #5

What’s Next…

We had been going round and round with what to do, from a complete kitchen remodel to just painting over the wall paper and calling it a day.  Thursday night we began to tear out one of the kitchen cabinets that I found obtrusive.  Once out, the kitchen looked bigger and brighter.  We started chipping away at the wall tile and found that it came off quite easily.  I was happy that Jack had decided to remove the tile as the color reminded me of something that I recall being in my elementary school cafeteria.  We made the final decision to keep the cabinets but paint the walls and trim.

Friday night we were back at Lowe’s.  Honestly that was the last thing I wanted to do that evening.  However, Jack was so enthusiastic about it I couldn’t say no. In the car, he handed me a paint deck and said it’s time to pick paint colors for the kitchen and bathroom. I was thrilled.   When we arrived at Lowe’s we made the counter top and kitchen tile selection.  We stopped at Sherwin Williams and picked out the paint.  All this in shopping and selecting completed in just about an hour.  Now, that’s my kind of shopping, quick and simple.

Saturday morning we began to paint the kitchen cabinet trim and dining room.  We were pleased with our color selections.  Janet, my best friend from high school was coming to visit on Tuesday. She was anxious to help with whatever needed to be done at the house.  Janet loves that kind of work.  Her pay?  Vodka and lemonade, she said.