Fresh Connect KC

Yes, it's summertime and there is a plethora of fresh organic produce on just about every corner. From farmer's markets to fruit stands. Soon, the temperature will change and fruit and farmer stands will retreat for the fall. What to do?

For me, in lieu of weekly time consuming trips to Whole Foods, I simply place my order with a company that delivers organic items directly from the farmers to my door!  For those of you that live in the Kansas City Metro area, I want to introduce you to a company called, Fresh Connect KC. They are a local company that support local farmers, local artisans and ranchers. I believe that the owners themselves are farmers!  I have my order completed on their website by Monday morning at 10am and then boom, Friday it's at my door! 

My typical order includes a medium basket of organic vegetables (I can customize my veggie order or simply let them chose what's best that week), milk from a local dairy farmer, a dozen farm fresh eggs and often I'll throw in a pound or two of hand made pasta (linguini, yum!) from a local family owned Italian restaurant.  My order is just a tiny morsel of what they offer.  Other items include; local grass fed meats, panty items, deli items, and so much more.  You literally don't have to to make a trip to a grocery store at all if you so choose.  I changed my order up every now and again because there is always something new and delicious to try.

Great people, great quality, great items.  I so look forward to Fridays.  Our typical Friday evening meal is a quick and easy Olio aglio Olio, recipe from the Homes That Cook book, using the hand made linguini topped with fresh local sauteed spinach and kale, along with a lovely organic green leaf lettuce salad topped with garden fresh cherry tomatoes, local cucumbers and peppers.  Farm to table right at my door step!