How To Bring Big Style To Small Spaces

Really, I think this advice works for both big and small spaces.  My husband and I are planning on building our next home, our first home together since we've been married, and hope to have it completed by next fall.  Although we are about year away from selling our current home, I'm already thinking about getting our house ready so that it shows well when we put it on the market.  I've found these tips to be very helpful.  Most of us just have way too much stuff.  The best part is, we can give a lot of it away which in turn could make another persons day!

1.  Add Color

2.  Accessorize Walls

3.  Warm It Up

4.  Spruce Up The Space

5.  Say No to Florescent lighting

6.  Story The Small Stuff

7.  Clear The Floors

8.  Dress Up The Furnitur

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