Jan's Cheese Fondue

Big football weekend this past weekend.  A friend of mine texted me asking where they could find white American cheese for Jan's Cheese Fondue (page 42 of Homes That Cook book).  I get the white American cheese from the deli counter.  I ask them to cut a one pound block.  When I'm just about ready to make the fondue, I freeze the block of cheese for 3-5 minutes so that it firms up making it easier to shred.  Here is the delicious fondue recipe for you to enjoy!

Jan's Cheese Fondue

Best Friends, a glass of wine and a warm fire - the recipe for a great evening!

1 pound block of white American cheese, shredded

2 cups sour cream

1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

2 or 3 dashes of garlic powder

A hearty loaf of bread such as baguette, French, Italian or sourdough

Apple slices

Heat sour cream.  When it's bubbling, drop in shredded cheese a handful at a time.  Stir continuously. Add remaining ingredients (except bread and apples).  When all lumps are smooth, it's done.

Enjoy this fondue with large cubes of bread and apple slices.