How do I select the right paint color?

My husband and I are getting ready to break ground at our new home site. I told my husband, who is a home builder, that I would give him a list of my 10 wants for the house and then asked him to simply call me when the house was completed.  He laughed, although I was really quite serious.

I've sold many new homes in my real estate career yetI have never had the experience of building my own home. As I stare at the blueprints with excitement, I often get queasy when I think of all the time consuming decisions, from grand to minuscule,  that are going to need to be made.  I called a decorator friend of mine, asked her to help me through the process, with my first question being, 'Where do I start?'.  She replied, 'paint colors'. 

After reading several articles about how to make paint color selections, I found this one to be the most reader/user friendly - without getting too in depth and confusing.  Whether you're painting one room in your current home OR making selections for your entire house, I hope you find this article helpful.