Considering Selling Your Home? Price it Correctly From the Beginning

Being a full time Realtor, one of my most important jobs, and one that I take very seriously, is pricing a seller's home.  I explain to my clients that it's not about what I think and it's not about what you the seller feel it should be priced.  Pricing is NOT about emotion.  Pricing is based on the current market trends also known as facts.  Pricing the home correctly right from the start will yield you, the seller, better end results.

Experienced Realtors, like myself, will tell you that pricing your home appropriately from the beginning is critical to getting it sold quickly and at the best price. Research shows that overpricing your home and then dropping the price several times while it languishes on the market usually leads to selling it at a much lower price than what you originally should have asked for it. The longer a home stays on the market, the deeper the discount is likely to be off the original price.

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