Selling in Summer

With summer already upon us, I would like to take some time to discuss tips on getting your home ready to sell for this season. Summer is a great time of year to showcase all of your outdoor spaces. Some of the best memories I have made are those spent entertaining, hosting or enjoying family and friends outdoors. Potential buyers tend to keep and eye out for outdoor living spaces during their search so, why not showcase what you have! First, and foremost, the key to an attractive outdoor living space is simple upkeep and cleanliness. Sweep off the deck, wash off the windows and make sure the yard is free of brush, leaves and clutter. No deck, no problem. You can always create the illusion of an outdoor oasis with a few nice lawn chairs and a sitting table. You can add in potted plants and even a fountain if the budget allows it to create a relaxing environment outdoors. Finally, when it comes to showing your home in the summer the air conditioning temperature in the house is very important. The long summer days means maximum heat for hours on end. Make sure your AC is set at a comfortable and cool temperature to ensure potential buyers feel the cool air as they walk in the front door.