Introduction To our Homes That Cook Blog

My first book under my belt, Homes That Cook. Not only does it give me the warm fuzzes to share with readers about my love for food and family, it also enables me to talk about tips for buying, selling and creating a Home That Cooks.  I have included many of my recipes, my family recipes and recipes from others that have been shared with me along the way.  

We all have had favorite foods and dishes prepared by members of our family that we have enjoyed for many years.  I encourage you to collect those family recipes and continue those family traditions so that they can be enjoyed and passed on from generation to generation.
Our Homes That Cook blog will encompass home buying and selling advice, cooking tips, recipes, remodeling stories, decorating ideas, investment property dialogue and anything else that is fun to do with and your home. New posts every Monday.

Will it be humorous?  I hope so.  Will it be edgy?  Likely so.  Will it be entertaining? You tell me.  Will you learn something?  Yes.  Will I learn something? You bet.  Will we have fun?  YES!  Would I like your feedback, input and questions?  Yes, please.